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Eyelash Extensions Adhesive and Tips

by Divalook / 02 Jan, 2017

Our adhesive is the most accepted and is ideal for learners and professional lash technicians. Our glue has the following characteristics:

Importance of Lash Training and Lash Misconceptions

by Divalook / 12 Dec, 2016

Taking a volume lash training class to learn application techniques is helpful. Being an advanced technique, volume lashing should only be taught to those who have learnt the beginner skills.

Want to Learn Advanced Eyelash Extension Volume Procedures? Here’s a Short Training Course

by Divalook / 15 Nov, 2016

Before you start using these techniques, we suggest that you build an excellent routine, speed and reputation.

How to bridge gaps in eyelash extensions

by Divalook / 13 Sep, 2016
Some clients may have gaps in their lash line, this can be a natural gap where the lashes do not grow or can be through damage. It is important that we know how to bridge a gap so that our clients can leave with a beautiful set of eyelash extensions.

Mastering the art of refills

by Divalook / 07 Sep, 2016

Many eyelash technicians dreads refills, they can actually be much harder than applying a full set.

Best eyelash extensions tweezers

by Divalook / 01 Sep, 2016

“A bad carpenter blames his tools” – however, if you do not work with a good pair of tweezers then you will not be able to produce a good set of eyelash extensions.

The six main types of eye shapes

by Divalook / 12 Jul, 2016

Here we gathered six main types of eye shapes:

Customize lash lenghts and thickness for every customer

by Divalook / 08 Jul, 2016

When you choose your lash lengths and thicknesses to use you will have to take into account the strength and length of your client’s natural lashes.

Natural eyelash extensions growth cycle

by Divalook / 20 Jun, 2016

The function of our natural lashes is to protect our eyes from everything that is in the air.

How to apply the eyelash extensions pads and tape

by Divalook / 12 Jun, 2016

On all these techniques ask the client to open their eyes wide and look up towards you.