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For classic eyelash extensions training can be attended by anybody without any experience in eyelash extensions industry.
Volume eyelash extensions course is for advanced technicians with more than 6+months of experience in lash extension industry. It is recommended to build a good routine, reputation and speed before to get this class.
Yes! Our training is the most detailed course from North America. Our DIVALOOK Academy offer certificated course world renowned.
  • a. Eyelash Extensions Manual
  • b. Professional Eyelash Extensions Kit
  • c. Certificate of Completion
  • a. Learn from European’s #1 Cristina Machedon
  • b. Eyelash Extensions with tips and tricks
  • c. Continuous Support
  • e. Promo Materials
  • f. Discounts for volume Eyelash Extensions Course
  • g. Lash Extension Certification
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent application and individual eyelashes extensions. One eyelash extension is applied to your natural lash. Lash extensions are available in variety of thickness, lengths, curls, colors. The types of lashes differs from synthetic mink, silk, to real mink.
Throughout the lash extension procedure you will lay dawn comfortable on a cozy professional massage table. During the eyelashes extensions you will keep the eyes closed. The eye pads for eyelash extensions you will keep on your lower lashes. The ambience and procedure is so pleasant and relaxed that many costumers fall asleep.
Yes and no. Yes if it is not applied properly. For ex: If to place a synthetic lashes on a natural lash that is more than twice the length or thickness of the natural lashes. 0.25mm thickness is not recommended, because the weight of this thickness is too heavy for your natural lashes; 0.20 mm thickness these lashes must be used with extreme caution as to not damage your own lash; 0.15mm is the most common thickness, it still provides clients with a natural look, but will give an overall appearance of longer and thicker lashes, keep in mind that eyelash extensions should be like a natural lashes because they are in extensions of your own eyelashes, they should be able moved around like real hair. This size works good on clients with fine to medium eyelashes; 0.10 is best for clients who have fine or short lashes and will produce a soft and very natural look, but this thickness is used for volume also – 2; for Russian volume thickness that will use is 0.07 mm or 0.05 mm.
If you don’t have eyelashes. As mentioned above the eyelash extensions are applied on your own eyelashes.
  • a. If you had eye surgery in or around your eyes in the last six months.
  • b. Eye infections or condition.
  • c. If you rub your eyes, the rule is “The less you touch them, the longer they last”.
One more very important thing is keeping them clean. The eyelashes role is to protect our eyes from dirt, from everything getting in and irritating our eyes, so when you have eyelash extensions you catch more of everything flying around, in the air. The extensions are applied 0.5- 1mm away from the root of your natural lash. In this small space may accumulate make-up, dead skin and can damage your own lash. So it’s extremely important every evening to clean your lashes, you can use baby shampoo, or face washes. You want to make sure when you dry your lashes that you just take a paper based tissue and go up. Live them to dry completely in the air for a couple of minutes, after this using a mascara wand that you must receive after each procedure you’ll brush through them daily. Don’t brush the eyelash extensions when they are wet!!! After your initial cure time of 24 hours, the adhesive allows you to swim, shower, exercise. Sleep worry- free while wearing your lashes. Always use make-up remover and facial cleansers water based, oil-free. . Here you can see more information about: eyelash extensions aftercare, how to maintain healthy your own lashes and how to keep the amazing look of your eyelash extensions.

Much of all it depends how good you care for them at home. This includes face washes, oil free products.
Is very important the natural growth cycle of your eyelashes and of course the expertise of the technician applying your eyelash extensions. Normally we loose daily from one to five lashes, our bodies constantly changing, regenerating, growing. Each eyelash extension is placed on the natural eyelash, so extensions lasts for the natural life of the eyelash cycle. Most clients returns after 3-4 weeks, those that love consistent, full eyelash line. If you did today a full set of eyelash extensions and didn’t return for a refills appointment, the DIVALOOK Ultra Formula Adhesive would last approximately 7 weeks. The adhesive for sensitive eyes last for 2-3 weeks.
About the cheapest eyelash extensions. Everyone wants an eyelash extension discount and yes you can find cheap eyelash extensions. But is really worth it? At cheap lash extensions price, technicians need to speed through the procedure to maximize their time. This leads to short cuts and poor quality work.
DIVALOOK Ultra Formula Adhesive (latex free) is designed for technicians who are super fast in eyelash application (glue cures in approximately 1-2 seconds) and for beginners also. Performs well when humidity and temperature requirements can’t be met.
If stored properly, glue can last (be kept in storage) for several months. It is recommended to make purchases frequently versus purchasing bulk and storing it for months. (All closed containers must be kept inside the refrigerator)
We recommend to separate the existing room, chemicals from hairsprays and hair coloring may lower the bond between eye lashes extensions and natural lash. It causes the glue to cures more quickly.
Primer removes the access of oils, make up and dust from natural eyelashes. It helps to create a stronger bond and longevity.
All our eyelashes are made of synthetic fiber that does not cause any allergy.
Natural mink lashes tend to lose curl more quickly (especially when using the sauna or during high weather temperatures). Natural mink lashes come in different length on one strip and tend to band easily, therefore, are harder to work with. Our synthetic fiber lashes remain its original form and direction which makes them ideal for volume application.
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