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Divalook Academy is accredited by government and recognized as an educational institution. The eyelash extensions do not stay in the same place for a long time. With DIVALOOK Academy you can be sure that you’ll learn all innovative techniques and methods of eyelash extensions application.


Accredited by Government

DIVALOOK ACADEMY is accredited by Government and recognized as an educational institution..

Live Model

The practice is on your live model. We do not admit more than 7 students per course..

Career Opportunities

We offers promo price for supplies, continuous support, discounts for advanced classes..

Perseverance, training, proper knowledge, hard work is always behind every great success! Learning how to apply correctly eyelash extensions with tips, tricks and proper technique from the start can save you a lot of time and money in the end! Register for eyelash extensions courses from the world renowned eyelash extensions master Cristina Machedon!


Eyelash Extensions Training Course

Classic training read more

During 2 days of training you will learn all innovative methods of eyelash extensions application, in order to start your own practice and your business.

Volume Training read more

During 1 day Volume or Russian eyelash extensions training course (Only for people who have experience in eyelash extensions industry)


$2500/ 2 days


$1000/ 1 day

Russian Volume

  • Russian Volume Guide
  • Russian Volume Techniques
  • Certificate
  • Eyelash Advanced Kit
  • Bottom Eyelash Application
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Continuous support

Divalook Academy

Average Procedure Cost
Weekly Income (2 per day)
Annual Income (without tips)