During the procedure do not talk to your client during the application not only does talking slow us down but it can actually be hazardous for the client. When clients talk the cheek muscles are moving, that unstuck the tape or pads, provoking them cutting up into the eye and bruising the eyeball.

Lower lashes can then become unsecured and can get stuck to the top lashes during the application. When most people talk they also flicker their eyes, not good when you are working with sharp tweezers and strong glues. Flickering eyes also result in the eyes opening and closing briefly, this means that the eyeball is now exposed to the cyanoacrylate in the glue, which attaches itself to any form of moisture (such as the eyeball) which can be uncomfortable for the client both during the treatment and afterwards and can continue for several days.

Every second that you waste by doing unnecessary movements or “bad habits” will increase your lash time. If you apply a full set of 100-120 lashes to each eye, and after every EE application you waste 3-5 seconds, then you can waste anything from 15-30 minutes per treatment! Now you realize why we have to work quickly and efficiently when applying eyelash extensions.