The function of our natural lashes is to protect our eyes from everything that is in the air. Our own lash has nerve sensors that cause the eyelid to instantly close to prevent from getting something in the eyes. Their design protects the eyes and filters out foreign objects . Top lashes usually are 90-150 lashes, while the bottom lashes has between 70 and 80 lashes. The natural lash length usually is 10 mm long. Daily we loose 2-3 lashes (here you can see all the 3 stages of natural growth), that is normal process, because like every other hair on your body, are constantly missing moving through a natural growth cycle. Because lashes have become a status of beauty, we will do everything we can to make them longer, thicker and more gorgeous. That’s why the eyelash extensions is the fastest growing and the most demanded service in the beauty industry today.

The DIVALOOK Ultra Formula Adhesive last for 7 weeks. But because the own lashes are growing and missing you need to make a refill every 4 weeks.
A simple calculation shows us why every 4 weeks:
If you today get an 100 eyelash extensions full set/ per eye, after 4 weeks it will remain:
2 lashes loosing daily* 7 days= 14 lashes approximately we loose in one week
14 lashes*4 weeks=56 lashes sheds off in 4 weeks.
If you had not a full set of 100 lashes/per eye but 30-40 lashes per eye, you’ll need a refill every two weeks.