Many eyelash technicians dreads refills, they can actually be much harder than applying a full set. Refills require proper cleansing of the extensions, separation of any “stickies” and removal of old or unsuitable lashes. The preparation of the old lashes can actually take longer than applying the new ones- so no wonder that some dread it.

However, if your application of the original extensions has been clean then refills should be relatively easy. However, not all clients look after their lashes as they should and this can cause technicians a lot of extra work. If your clients have looked after their extensions well then a quick brush to separate and a tease through of the tweezers will be enough to separate the lashes. Any lashes that have grown out or twisted can be removed by peeling off the natural lash. We want to avoid using glue remover if we can so that we do not saturate other lashes. To peel the lashes you will need two tweezers that grip well (some technicians have a set of lashing tweezers and a set of maintenance tweezers). Grab the tip of the extensions with one tweezers and the tip of the natural lash sticking out from under the extensions with the other. Gently pull both apart at 45 degrees angles to each other and you will find that the lashes will separate. If they do not then don’t force them and you may need to use glue remover.

Once this is done make sure that you thoroughly cleanse the lashes and apply primer before you apply the extensions.

I do not explain how to remove makeup and mascara from their lashes. It is not your job to do this and if your clients get used to you removing their makeup it will become expected. It is important that you reiterate that mascara should never be worn- not only does it ruin the extensions but it is impossible to remove all traces of it. This mascara then attracts bacteria which can lead to blepharitis.