Taking a volume lash training class to learn application techniques is helpful. Being an advanced technique, volume lashing should only be taught to those who have learnt the beginner skills. You should only use synthetic fiber lashes and only in short lengths to prevent natural lash damage due to weight. Proper care should be observed when picking up the lashes, failure results to the classic look.

Eyelash Extension Mistaken Beliefs
Well-applied eyelashes do not lead to damage of natural lashes. Damage is a result of the following situations:

  • An unqualified technician; the lash extension procedure necessitates the use of potent bonding agents and pointed objects near your eyes. This process should only be handled by a capable professional, instructor or student. A competent person knows how to position their hands, handle the lash extensions, separate natural eyelashes and apply the extensions meticulously. A skilled lash technician spots the work of an incompetent technician and repairs the damage.
  • Cheap work; everyone wants to save a little money by finding cheap lash technicians. In most cases, the end result is not worth it because the process is done fast by using short cuts leading to poor work. One way of cutting corners done by eyelash technicians is applying flares, clusters and strips. These lash add-ons should be applied using a quick-fix glue for short-term wear. Some technicians take the flares, clusters and strips and apply them straight to natural eyelashes. Although this process takes less application time, it is not healthy for your natural lashes. The glued lashes are bulky and cannot be supported by a natural lash.
  • Stay away from pre-made fan. If a customer wants the 4D to 8D, you should work a thickness of 0.5mm or 0.7mm, for 2D to 3D, 0.10mm is the recommended thickness. When these lashes are glued together, they will break your natural lash. Also, when applied to several natural lashes, the lashes will be stuck together. Since natural eyelashes don’t grow at the same rate, the slow growing eyelashes will be prematurely pulled out by the fast growing lashes leading to lash baldness.
  • Careless adhesion, this leads to three to five natural lashes glued together. A proper application should be on a one-by-one basis. If lashes are glued together due to carelessness or lack of proper training, the end result will be pain and damage of natural eyelashes. The type of pain isn’t considerable and can be compared to a pricking feeling and goes on for about two days. This is a sign that something wasn’t done right. A proper application does not result to pain or discomfort.
  • Wrong lashes; when you don’t consider your client’s natural lash health, it is easy to use inappropriate lashes. They might be too heavy or large to negatively affect the natural lashes leading to a condition called traction alopecia.