It is important to clean thoroughly your eyelashes extension on daily basis. The eyelash extensions are applied 1 mm away from the eyelid. This small place is perfect for the dust, natural skin oil, make-up and mascara to deposit. The mascara should never be worn - not only does it ruin the extensions but it is impossible to remove all traces of it. Any of this rests will prevent proper bonding between your own lashes and lash extensions causing your extensions to come off prematurely.
This also will attracts bacteria which can lead to blepharitis. More info about this infection you can read here.
Wash your eyes with warm water. Applying a drop of face washes mixed with water will work a treat. With the ring finger gently rub your cleansing product on the edge of your lash line and eyelash extension, after wash until all the soap is rinsed away. You can use baby shampoo, face washes or soap.
Dry with a paper based only! Avoid cotton pads or swabs that will leave lint and catch on your extensions and let your lashes air dry.
After the eye lash extension are dry completely, use a disposable mascara wand to gently separate and brush your eye lashes extensions. Mascara wand that you’ll get after each procedure.
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