It is known that being good at something is only the first step of being able to teach it, however to be able to actually get your message through and become not just a good but rather GREAT instructor you'll require: patience, respect for the profession and for others, setting high expectations for your students, leadership, professionalism, constant learning.


  • -Students that have been previously trained by DIVALOOK Academy or another recognized brand are required to provide a photocopy of their certificate (minimum 6 months required)
  • -disclose their eyelash extension services timing (minimum 1.5 hrs for full sets)
  • -provide pictures of 3 clients' full sets (minimum 100 lashes per eye): before and after with eyes open and closed


  • - Business start-up– teaching an intro in social media: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • - Making yourself stand out: business cards, business name, website, advertising and trade shows
  • - The importance of product knowledge in a busy market: representing a brand, being local and experiencing the international trends
  • - Business insurance
  • - Classic Eyelash Extensions
  • - Russian Volume
  • - Portfolio Review
  • - student registration documentation (consent forms, sign in forms, evaluation forms and grading charts)
  • - 1 professional training manual
  • - student manual(1)
  • - kit
  • - positive reinforcements – learn how to put together theory, images and practical skills for successful eyelash extension teaching
  • - 2D and 3D applications – choosing the right natural lashes
  • - Individual removals and full removals
  • - Advanced techniques in eyebrow design with basic eyebrow tweezing

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