Lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curl sizes. With this much customization available, you’re sure to find the perfect look for every client. Let’s look at some of the most popular types of lashes:

Loose lash: The original lash. Comes in a pot or jar. Can be difficult to pick up.
Tray Lash: Created for easier pick-up, better organization of lashes and less waste.

Synthetic Mink: Most popular. Long lasting wear and and curl. Can create soft and dramatic looks.
Synthetic Silk: Lighter than synthetic mink. Holds curl well. Softer, less dramatic.
Real Mink: Lightest, softest, feathery lash, does not produce a long lasting curl.
Specialty: Rhinestone, glitter and two-toned are examples of this.

Lash Length

Lengths range from 6 mm all the way up to 15 mm long. Each eyelash application may use up to three lengths or more. When choosing lash lengths to use, always keep in mind our three different lengths or more. When choosing the perfect length that for long lasting results, that the lash extensions should never exceed twice the length of the natural lash.

Lay your client down and hold the eyelash extensions up against their natural lashes. If their desire a natural look from the extensions then add an extensions 1-2 mm longer than their natural lashes, if they desire a more dramatic look then add 3-4 mm longer than their natural lashes.

I rarely like to use lash length longer than 12 mm on clients. Length that exceed this tend to distort the face, they add additional weight to the natural lash that can result in trauma to the natural lash and clients will find that they will start to twist and droop after a few days/week.

However, if the client has naturally very long natural lashes then you may need to use lengths longer than a 12 mm to match their natural lashes or add the extra bit of definition they require. In this circumstance I would advise to take the eyelash extensions thickness down a grade if applying eyelash extensions over 12 mm. So if your set had consisted of eyelash extensions of 0.15 thickness, your lengths over 12 mm would now be 0.12 thickness. This will ensure that the natural lash is not overloaded or damaged.

Lash Diameters (Thickness)

Lash diameters (thickness) range from .5mm all the way up to .25mm
The most common lash diameters for lashes are .10mm, .15mm, .20mm.
.5mm-.10mm are mainly used for more advanced techniques such as volume lashes.
Volume lashes are created by fanning 2-6 light weight lashes and applying them to a single lash. Also known as 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D.
The weight for different diameter Lash
One .20 diameter lash*=.00030g
One .18 diameter lash*=.00025g
One .15 diameter lash*=.00015g
One .12 diameter lash*=.00013g
One .10 diameter lash*=.00010g
One .07 diameter lash*=.00006g
All lashes used were C curl and 12 mm lashes made by same manufacturer, same styling
That means Five .07 lashes (“5D”) weighs the same as one .20 diameter lash
Four .07 lashes (“4D”) weighs less than one .18 lash
Three .07 lashes (“3D”) weighs barely more than one .15 lashes
Two .07 lashes (“2D”) weighs less than one .12 lash

Never use a pre-made fan!!! It comes with an extra glue amount, their weight can damage your natural lashes.

Having an understanding of the products and tools we will help you understand why each product is an important part of creating the perfect lash set. Although these are not all the products available they are the minimum products needed to complete an eyelash application.

A primer removes oils and dust, and sanitizes the lashes prior to applying extensions.

Under Eye Tape or Pads:

Both are used to secure the lower lashes out of the way during the procedure and it is personal preference as to which method you choose to use. Both have their pros and cons –Tape can feel uncomfortable on clients and fails to add protection against the tweezers. It can also be very uncomfortable for the client when being removed despite it having been de-tacked and it can cause damage to the delicate under eye area.

Pads can help to have a soothing effect on the area and can feel more comfortable. Because they are thicker they add protection to the client from the sharp tweezers. Removal of pads is much more pleasant. However under eye patches for eyelash extensions can sometimes feel uncomfortable for the client and can contain a lot of collagen or latex that clients be allergic to. You should look for pads that are thin and flexible with minimal or no collagen in them.

Too much collagen can ooze into the eye during the treatment and cause the client discomfort. It is best to select patches that are designed specifically for eyelash extensions.

Pads and Tape.
For more information click here: How to apply the eyelash extensions pads and tape

Flocked Applicators and Microswab:
Used to apply primers and gel remover/cream remover to the lashes.
Gel Remover or Cream Remover:
Gel/cream remover dissolves the bonds without running into the client’s eyes
Jade Stone/ Rings for glue:
A large round jade stone is perfect for keeping your glue cool so it doesn’t dry up during application.
Hand Held Fan or Manual Air Flow:
Device used to whisk away fumes, set the lashes and provide comfort to the client