DIVALOOK Academy offers: professional eyelash extension course, procedure and high quality lash products. DivaLook designs eye set, face shape and of course suits the best curl, length, thickness for each client’s natural lashes.

DIVALOOK Studio offers a wide range of eyelash extensions effects. Taking in consideration your face and eye shapes, our skillful master will suggest the length,curl and thickness of eyelash extensions, that suits you the best..


Each client will complete “Eyelash Extensions Client Form”.

The duration of eyelash extensions is 1 hour per eye+ completing the client form 15 min

After Procedure:

Each client will be given detailed after care instructions that will include daily cleansing and brushing and all needed information until next visit.

Duration of the Classic Eyelash Extensions Procedure- 2 hours

Classic eyelash extensions last for 4 weeks

Duration of the volume eyelash extension application- 3 hours, 4D-7D 3 hours and up

Volume eyelash extensions last for 6 weeks

Duration at the first visit and Refills- 2 hours and more

Removal Process 10- 15 min

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Some of our testimonials:

I went to get eyelash extension and the hole process took about 2 hrs. Cristina does an amaizing job. The lashes looked so natural ! I would definitely go back ! Elena

I honestly love seeing her shes amazing I recommend her to do ur eyelashes she takes her time to make sure that they are perfectSemhar

Cristina is making my eyelash extensions for more than a half a year! Cristina is a wonderfull professional in eyelash extensions. She is working only with high quality products and in combination with a professional hand, the result each time was amazing. In general the extensions are between 1 - 1.5 month, without any doubts this is because of the good materials and Cristina's professional hand. Thank you again so much for this amazing eyelash extensions! Claudia