Adhesives vary from ultra formula glue, right up to fast drying super strength glues.

DIVALOOK Ultra Formula Adhesive (great for both, beginners and advanced technicians, curing time 1-2 sec)

DIVALOOK Super Ultra Adhesive (for advanced technicians, curing time 0,5-1 sec).

It is important that you only work with a glue that is suitable for your level of experience.

DIVALOOK Ultra Formula Glues are great for beginners because they have a slow dry time and are kind to the client’s eye. If you are an experienced lash technician, you will find that most glues dry time is too slow for your level of skill, also, some are sensitive and they don't last long.

Experienced technicians who are masters at lash separation should be looking for DIVALOOK Super Ultra Glue that cures within 0.5-1 second. This adhesive allows you place the eyelash extensions securely and instantaneously, this shortens the appointment time up to 30%.

However, bear in mind that these glues can give off strong odors. You must always wear a carbon filter mask to protect yourself and your room should be well ventilated. It's important to keep a glass of water next to your client as it helps to attract the glue fumes away from you and your client.

Don’t use this glue for customers with sensitive eyes.

Another tip is to saturate two cotton wool pads with water and place them on the cheeks of your clients- the fumes from the glue are attracted to the moisture.

Selecting the correct glue can be a case of trial and error, however, if you purchase a recommended glue from a reputable company then you cannot go wrong.

There have been major advancements within the glue industry over the years with some very good glues being produced. It is important to find a glue that suits the way you work and your clients. Try our DIVALOOK glues and you will definitely find a glue that works for you.