“A bad carpenter blames his tools” – however, if you do not work with a good pair of tweezers then you will not be able to produce a good set of eyelash extensions. Each technician will prefer a different type of tweezers so it’s important that you find a pair that suits you, however there are several things you should look for in a pair of tweezers. You should always have one pair of tweezers dedicated to isolation and one for the application.

Eyelash Extensions Isolating Tweezers:

These tweezers can be sharp or straight and have a fine point if they are not then you will struggle with separation. These tweezers should also be relatively long- approximately 13 cm, this will allow your hand to stay clear of the lashes and not only gives you better vision but better control. They should not feel stiff, but move fluidly between your fingers. Tweezers that are stiff will eventually cause discomfort in your hands. It is best to purchase your tweezers from eyelash suppliers because they are specifically designed for the lash industry. I prefer straight isolation tweezers but that is my personal preference.

Eyelash Extensions Application tweezers:

Both curved and straight tweezers can be used for lash application. These do not need to be as long as separating tweezers so your choice here is a bit more varied.

They must have a fluid movement and not feel stiff, again this will cause discomfort in your hands. Advanced lash technicians will favour a curved tweezers, they find it gives them a little more control over the extensions and allows them to apply the extensions from a number of different angles. Curved tweezers are used for the Russian Volume lash method so if you can learn how to use these they will assist you with this method in the future.

It is important that you protect the tips of your tweezers, avoid dropping them or damaging the ends. Always keep them squeaky clean, not only for hygiene but any build- up of glue on the tweezers with affect their performance.
Always treat these tweezers as Kings and Queens. They do this job only, they are never used for removing strips of lashes out of trays, Unclogging glue bottles etc. We need to keep these tweezers precise and sharp.