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Eyelash Extensions Adhesive and Tips

by Divalook / 02 Jan, 2017

Our adhesive is the most accepted and is ideal for learners and professional lash technicians. Our glue has the following characteristics:

Divalook eyelash extension adhesive - best glue for eyelash extensions

by Divalook / 29 Sep, 2016

Adhesives vary from ultra formula glue, right up to fast drying super strength glues.

Best eyelash extensions tweezers

by Divalook / 01 Sep, 2016

“A bad carpenter blames his tools” – however, if you do not work with a good pair of tweezers then you will not be able to produce a good set of eyelash extensions.

Customize your eyelash extensions

by Divalook / 03 Jul, 2016

When Cristina's eyelash extension passion started, 7 years ago, she struggled to find on the market quality products.

Eyelash Extensions Types and Products

by Divalook / 12 Jun, 2016

Lashes come in a variety of lengths, diameters and curl sizes. With this much customization available, you’re sure to find the perfect look for every client.