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Benefits You Will Get

Learn 2 Techniques

By purchasing one course, you will learn two eyebrow drawing techniques. In addition to the manual technique, you also get a Shading lesson, drawing eyebrows with a machine.

Practice On Live Models

Working on real skin under the supervision of the Master is the most effective way to learn how to use the right amount of pressure.

Get 4 Additional Courses

  • Hygiene
  • Skin Expert
  • First Class Service
  • GMC (Get More Clients)

6 Months CraftMaster

The application contains video materials, guides, audio instructions and texts to continue learning the Microblading technique. You are required to practice and finish all the tasks to get the certificate.

Unlimited Support From The Master

Master Ecaterina is here to help you start a successful microblading career.

Placement On A World Map

Becoming one of the PhiAcademy microblading artists, you will get a placement on the PhiAcademy world map and support from colleague artists.


What is PhiLashes training?

PhiLashes training is a special education at the Phi Academy that allows you to start a new career, develop outstanding skills, and increase personal income by providing a service that is becoming more popular in the world of beauty.