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Cristina Machedon - DIVALOOK Owner

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Skillful Master + Quality Products = Successful Business


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DIVALOOK Academy offers: professional eyelash extension course, procedure and high quality lash products. DivaLook designs eye set, face shape and of course suits the best curl, length, thickness for each client’s natural lashes.


We combine the professionally skilled technicians working with high quality products and devote more attention and time to create amazing eyelash extensions!

Our Studio

DIVALOOK Studio offers a wide range of eyelash extensions effects. Taking in consideration your face and eye shapes, our skillful master will suggest the length,curl and thickness of eyelash extensions, that suits you the best.

Our products

High quality lash extension products trusted by professionals all over the world. Each eyelash extension product was developed and carefully selected by world renowned eyelash extensions master Cristina Machedon.

Our Awards

DIVALOOK Academy offers award winning innovative eyelash extensions courses with the latest techniques! The certificate of completion is issued by leading Canadian master Cristina Machedon.

Our Partners

DIVALOOK cooperates with the top eyelash extensions manufacturers in the lash industry. We came up with our DIVALOOK line that contains the highest quality lash products!